We have active on FB since we opened and have made a decision to head that way. You can look us up on Facebook, I think the link is We also have an events calendar on google at Look forward to seeing you - Thanks!

Bake Case

Here's today's bake case plan: Choc. Chip Croissant Mini Croissant Bagels (Plain, Sesame Seed, Blueberry) Cheese Cake (Plain, Chocolate, Wht, Choc. Raspberry) Cheese Cake Cup Cakes (Chocolate and Vanilla) Goldie Scones (Cinnamon, Chocolate Chip, Raspberry) Baguette bread Pretzel Rolls That all said, our oven is giving us second day open fits. So we'll see what really turns out.

We are finally opening!!

After what seems like the forever buildout, we are opening Tuesday!!!


Waiting on our permit. This week we should start putting it all together.

Our Reply

Hi, Your eyes do not deceive you. You asked so now you are going to get the full story :) We were originally set to open last year over by Pearl street. That is when the website / blog was originally created. I won't go into what happened over there, but we eventually decided Green Street would be better. We then contracted on a different building on Green Street. On that deal, the owner backed out. So almost a year later we wound up (happily) in the spot where you saw our window sign. We are currently shooting for an early October open. Construction will begin shortly and should not take too long. As for the web, we are finalizing our vendors this week and making some last minute product and menu decisions. All of that information including our proposed menu for opening will be on the web. We have been working on a Face Book page and should have that up within a few days too. Then we are going to determine how exactly we want to use each format. Once those decisions are made, you should see plenty of activity in both sites. " So I saw your signs on green street and was very excited at the idea of a coffee shop coming soon to downtown McHenry." - I cannot tell you how much that makes us excited! Thanks, Hidden Pearl Cafe